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Hay Tarp Side Curtains

Hay Stack Side Tarp Curtains are becoming increasingly popular for larger commercial operations where the majority of the hay must be protected for export to Asia. However, Hay Tarp Side Curtains are also an ideal product for full protection of domestic hay stacks. Hay Stack Side Curtain Covers are made from UV resistant 7 Oz polyethylene (PE) fabric and contain heavy-duty twine, which is fastended around the outside perimeter every 8 feet. The side curtain twine is fastened to the hay bales on the sides and at the top of the stack to stretch them tight.

Hay Stack Side Tarp - Great For Domestic Use And Export Applications

- Specification

- Color: Silver/White

 -UV Resistant 7 Oz Fabric

- 16 Mil. Poly

- Included With Heavy

-Duty Twine - 8' Spacing For Ties

- Protects & Reduces Bale Damage

- Durable & Abrasion Resistant

- Heavy Duty Polyethylene

- Mildew Proof

- Arctic Flexibility

- Rip Stop Technology

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