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Softball Baseball Field Covers

Our Softball and Baseball infield covers are rot and mildew resistant, built from a durable, long lasting 6.3, 7.8 or 8oz. high strength and UV resistant Polyethylene (PE) fabric with reinforced handles every 15' around the perimeter for rapid deployment and folding of the cover. This fabric has blackout construction to significantly reduce the "greenhouse effect" which can damage grass.

Softball and Baseball field covers are typically deployed when rain is imminent in order to keep the playing field from becoming over-saturated with water. At times that can make the difference between playing or canceling the game. When TV and radio media coverage is expected of the game, the use of baseball field covers can save many thousands of dollars in lost revenue and unnecessary expense. Don't forget to order a field tarp cover to keep you investment clean and dry between uses.

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